Wednesday, 1 January 2014

‘Sony Vaio’: Sony’s new Smartphone running on Windows operating system

Sony get ready to challenge Nokia (Microsoft) in his division, if you believed in rumors you will see Sony's smartphone with Windows operating system. Sony is working on such type of project and it will unveil in mid of this year. The smartphone arises with the name 'Vaio', which is popular series of laptop and notebook by Sony.

‘Sony Vaio’: Sony’s new Smartphone running on Windows operating system

Sony, whose mobile unit has exclusively made smartphones powered by Google's Android software for nearly four years, has considered launching a Windows phone as soon as mid-2014, according to a person who was involved in the talks and a person briefed about the device 
the report cover above words.

The report also mentioned that after slashed the licensing fees Microsoft talks with Sony as well as ZTE. ZTE is another company who shows his interest in Windows based smartphone. The talks did not reached at any conclusion yet.

Nokia rules in windows based smartphones division with 90% of market share. On other hand competitor like HTC with 7% share, Samsung 1.8 and Huawei have 1.8, are not even in neighbors list.


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