Thursday, 9 January 2014

Worlds cheapest and largest (120-inch) 4K TV: Vizio at CES 2014

In CES 2014 till the day Samsung have the crown of biggest 4K TV, but it could not be for long time. Vizio tired out Samsung's 110-inch 4K (ultra HD) model and uncover new massive size 120-inch 4K TV with the tag of 'worlds cheapest and largest Ultra HD TV'.

Worlds cheapest and largest (120-inch) 4K TV: Vizio at CES 2014

The massive size is not the only thing but the price is also make the difference between this model and other 4K TV. The price of Vizio's ultra HD TV is just similar to a 50-inch HD TV. The price of Vizio's P-series 120-inch model is just below of $1000 and you should pay $999 for this true HD TV.

The size of Samsung’s 110-inch TV is bigger than your full size bed, the dimensions of TV is 2.6X1.8 meters. The TV is available for custom orders and the first appearance of the TV will available on CES 2014. The device could be very beneficial for large staffs and government agencies. The TV may cover complete wall of your room.

The size of Vizio's TV is even greater than Samsung's 4K TV and the device will be available from second half of 2014. So are you ready to buy more pixels in a little amount.


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