Monday, 31 March 2014

Developer version of Windows Phone 8.1 Ready for Testing, April 10

Microsoft is releasing the newer version of windows phone mobile operating system i.e. 8.1 with of course some advanced/upgraded features. The OS may be available in the market from 10th of April onwards.

Developer version of Windows Phone 8.1 Ready for Testing, April 10

Microsoft announced about releasing the latest version of mobile Operating System i.e. Windows Phone. This version is tagged as Windows Phone 8.1 and will be ready for application developers from April 10.

On every new software release, Microsoft starts a developer preview program to collect where developers tests that software and submit feedback about the same. Because of this all the Microsoft software better works on their platform.

Developers, having a free App Studio account, will be able to access the program through Microsoft’s dedicated mobile client. This mobile client is available through Windows Phone Store, through this these developers can run windows phone 8.1 with old one and on any windows phone but version 8.

Microsoft will start getting feedback through this developer programs, which will allows all the apps to be tested on the latest version 8.1 for compatibility issues. This process will start approx. from the next week.

Users are awaiting this latest version windows Mobile platform with some of the advanced features including in its installation, some new options for usability and more to be simplicity for end users.


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