Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Free Voice Calls with Facebook Messenger for US Users: Android

Facebook, the most popular Social Network, is now providing voice call feature for Android OS users. This feature is only available in US, but may be in other countries soon and of course with some advanced features.

Free Voice Calls with Facebook Messenger for US Users: Android

The social network - Facebook, already popular in all the areas with all the features like managing friend circle, messaging (Chat) service, video calling, game play options and creating some events to invite people to promote in the market. Now, there will be an option to call freely to your friends with a single click on “Free Call” button.

This “Free Call” button is accessible from user’s friend details page. Free doesn’t mean free of cost but it don’t use your account balance, either the data connection or your Wi-Fi may be used for this calling purpose. After making a free call user don’t need to tense about the minutes running in simple voice call.

From the Facebook Homepage user can go to the messenger and then navigate to friend’s contact page and then make this free call. Facebook provides more or advanced features for the Facebook users soon.

This VoIP option first started for Canadian users as a test the company's messenger iPhone app, but since been added to FB’s full featured iPhone app and carried over for Android for people in 23 countries. Including today’s article this functionality is available to users in 24 countries.


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