Sunday, 23 March 2014

Translator app with 81 Languages Support for Windows Phone/Computer: Released

A Translator app released with 81 languages support to translate user’s text in to seconds. This app is currently listed in Windows Store, Windows phone or computer, with text-to-speech feature to listen the text entered by the user.

Translator app with 81 Languages Support for Windows Phone/Computer: Released

Windows store continuously increasing the no. of apps in the market doesn’t matter that are free or having a price tag. Many developers are working on windows environment and releasing their apps with latest features and additional functionality. Every app have at least two features to let the user convince to download.

According to user’s requirement to translate text between languages, SONICO developed an app i.e. iTranslate through which user can easily look up any foreign work and got its meaning in no time. This app may also be used for dictionary purpose because of its feature.

So far windows users open the browser and search the text through search engine i.e. Bing or they have Bing Translator tool in their store. But now there is translator cum dictionary listed in the windows store to have the capability of 81 languages support. This app mostly be helpful in on travel time of the user.

At the last but not lease this app have an additional feature of text-to-speech, to help understanding what’s being said. This feature have switching option of male or female voice using a single tapping. This is beautiful and very simple app to use for basic windows phone users containing all the pronunciations in the list.

This is available to download in the windows store on can directly go to download page.


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