Thursday, 24 April 2014

WhatsApp Messenger now Available for Android version 2.1

WhatsApp messenger for android 2.1

WhatsApp messenger, available for Android’s latest versions, will now be available to download for previous versions also i.e. Android 2.1. Currently developers releases its beta update which may only download from google play store.

WhatsApp Messenger developers releases an update to let the app available for Android 2.1 version. Some requirements have to be fulfilled by the lower version users and of course users have to pay to buy.

WhatsApp messenger developers were continuously releasing updates for latest platforms i.e. for windows phone 8, Android’s latest versions, iPhone and etc. But now onwards they developed the same app for lower versions of Android platform, compatibility issues have completed through developers end.

In coming days, in compare to other messenger WhatsApp will also include the feature of voice calls, available for Android and iOS platforms only. The messenger recently recovered about the verification issue in windows 8 platform.

WhatsApp Messenger now Available for Android version 2.1

Go through the WhatsApp’s official website, all the details of newly download options listed with minimum requirements also. Minimum requirements section specify “Android 2.1 or above”, tablet devices are not supported and the major requirement is unlimited internet data plan recommended.

Other online stores like Softpedia have also link to download WhatsApp messenger.


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