Thursday, 15 May 2014

Windows Phone 8.1: Ready for first update after release

After one month of launching the ‘Windows Phone 8.1’ is set for get its first update, which will help to improve the battery life of device and fix the bugs.

The windows phone 8.1 was launched on April 14, just before one month so its first update for the users of such type of device. The updates will remove the bugs of the device which is great relief for the users. The battery life of device will also increase after the update complete.

Windows Phone 8.1: Ready for first update after release

This time the Windows phone 8.1 running on OS version 8.10.12359.845, if users have such version then after updating the device user will find 8.10.12382.878 OS version.

To get the new updates follow the steps below:
Settings > phone update > check for update

User should have installed the ‘Preview for Developer App’ and should signed in with a valid Microsoft account. The update can take a little bit time to update your device.


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