Saturday, 4 October 2014

Micromax to unveil CyanogenMod-powered handset this year

For anyone still recovering from this year onslaught of the Micromax devices,Micromax has reportedly planned to release the CyanogenMod-powered handset this year.

Every year, the handsets are out. They seem to attract less and less excitement to their launches and eventual releases. This year will see another major release for Micromax, as they take the opportunity this year to release an handset that will, hopefully, send a shot of vital, and much needed energy into the handset line.
Micromax to unveil CyanogenMod-powered handset this year

Granted, today is not going to be the caliber of release that was encountered in September, but this release will still keep the interest alive on the  CyanogenMod-powered handset front – while Micromax continues working on android based handset , and the “cheapest price” if rumors are any indication.
According to rumors Cyanogen has a deal with Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax.
SVP of Android, Sundar Pichai said that
Cyanogen had recently turned down a Google buyout offer
While, there aren’t a lot of extra details associated with the event yet, or what exactly will be released, and when it will be released – one thing is clear. Micromax may not be releasing their most exciting handset ever, or be releasing an handset with a ton of fancy new features. However, they need to get some of the excitement that has been lost as year-over-year sales have continued to decline steadily.
We know that Google's Android ambitions with a low-cost offering. Google launched its handset in India first with the help of three powerfull mobile companies-Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice.
This launch can be thought of as a “get me by” until next year.   


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