Tuesday, 18 November 2014

WhatsApp: New version coming to Google Play soon

After a few days of adding the new “blue ticks”, WhatsApp going to add one more facility for their users. Now in new version users can disable the ability of them in settings. The new version of app 2.11.44 available on the WhatsApp website at the moment with the read receipt disable support it will reach to Google Play in upcoming days.    

WhatsApp: New version coming to Google Play soon

Some other changes also make in the new version that will support for heads-up notifications for the Android 5.0 Lollipop. For the users who are not aware about the ‘heads-up notification’, Google Lollipop has started allowing the developers to set-up priority flags for their notification and when high, max or full-screen priority flag has been set on a particular notification, it triggers the head-up notification display.

Heads-up notifications reach on the top on whatever the consumer is using at the point and is point and is presented for a short period of time with an expanded layout exposing possible arrangements. After this period of time, the notification goes back to the notification segment. 

The toggle to disable read receipt can be accessed from privacy in the profile setting of user.


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