Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OLED Light: New lighting technology, ‘Future is Bright’

After LED light, now a new technology has reached with the tag of OLED. LED based lights cover the place of fluorescent bulb and now OLED can take place of LED light. Light Emitting Diode uses minor bright source of light, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) lights uses flat, dimmer basis of light.

OLED Light: New lighting technology, ‘Future is Bright’

North America’s largest lighting company Acuity Brands will responsible to make and sell the OLED. Due to flat basis of light company also made the light with the square or rectangular shape. This method also opens new possibility for new lighting design.

Jeannine Fisher Wang, director of business development and marketing for Acuity's OLED group said "OLED technology is at a premium relative to LED, but there are superior lighting quality benefits, The overall design and construction of these luminaries is very high quality, reflective of the superior nature of the OLED light source."

Darice Liu for Universal Display a 144-employee company founded in 1994 that licenses hundreds of OLED-related patents to companies commercializing the technology said “We believe that OLED lighting has the potential to dominate many of the residential and commercial market applications. Inherent energy efficiency advantages are a key benefit in the lighting market, but there is the potential for OLEDs to be transformation as well. OLEDs will present lighting products in a new form factor, which will expand the design possibilities and change the way we use light in many environments”.

So we can say our future will be bright with the OLED lights, these lights are next generation light, no doubt about it.


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