Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Poki Pocket App in Windows 8.1: First Appearance

Third party pocket app Poki celebrating its inauguration on 5th February for new App launched in Windows phone 8.1. There will be brother app for the same in near future with more attractive features and User interface.

Well-reviewed third party Pocket App Poki will let the users get its newer version with better UI attractive features. These features may include URL and tags with listening articles detecting the language of your windows phone. The newer version will be available for both windows phone 8.1 and windows 8.1 users.

Pocket app allowing users to save online articles which user can read and view offline. Most of the time users don’t have enough time to read full article at once, this app have an option to save that article and reader can continue offline. App provides feeling connected even when reading offline.

Newer version will available with attractive features including URL and tagging, searching with name also. Mostly these features can only be used when connection through internet, but this app will allow users even when offline. Whenever user connected those pending operation will complete.

App can also called Avid Reader, user read as much user can and whenever, and it’s an achievement. This app have 4 basic app themes i.e. light, gray, dark and black with 5 reading themes - install and feel.

At the last but not least, there are game-like achievements with using Poki.


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