Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tips & Troubleshoot By Google Device Assist: Android Lollipop

Google Device Assist, new App providing users to get tips and troubleshoots about Android Lollipop smartphones. It will automatically detect all the issues in your smartphone and provide possible tips/solution to help resolve them.

Generally this app detect most issues about GPS, battery, connectivity etc. if there is any problem running out. Beside this this app will provide possible tips about how to improve your smartphone performance using easy steps. Your device will perform better after following tips from this app, google means.

Currently this app is for only US based Nexus smartphones, Android one devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and all google play editions. Soon all the android users can get tips and troubleshoot information by using this app. This app also provide basic tips for new users of android users.

What should be the screen resolution that will not heavy for battery? This app provides all the features about everything for new users and tips to get faster performance for existing users. Device assist suggest what is good for your smartphone or what is not.

Incompatible smartphones can install its APK to get tips and troubleshoot information by google support system. This is newly developed app by google and will be available for all the android smartphone users soon.

Google developers providing updates and new apps helpful for Android users, recently they provide Dark Theme for news & weather app. News app got better user interface through that update, now Android users will wait for next update or may be next app release.


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