Saturday, 10 January 2015

Pay Restaurants Bills by Smartphone: Payware Mobile e355

Customer can pay table in favorite restaurants, mPOS terminal in the Verifone Mobile suits. Verifone will have Payware mobile e355 wireless terminal for paying restaurants bill by customer’s smartphone.

Whether visiting Disney world or shopping anywhere, customers have mobile payment option by google wallet and apple pay. While need a coffee or something at your favorite restaurant, customer must have some money in pocket or may be card payment. Verifone mobile suits will now have an option to pay through mobile payment at restaurants also.

PAYware Mobile e355, latest wireless terminal in Verifone Mobile suits of products, lets stores accept any mobile payment you have. Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other NFC transactions will be compatible with the device and customer don’t have to wait to pay their bills. The facility will be live in summer season, developers are working on it.

The prospect of having to purchase new mPOS devices for sales associates when smartphones and tablets are upgraded has been a major inhibitor to mPOS investment among retailers, said Mark Shockley, senior vice president of Mobile Solutions for Verifone.

Feature helps retailers to enable commerce from anywhere inside or outside the store. Verifone’s mobile solution:

  • Accepts all payment types, including EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, and traditional magnetic stripe
  • Features an optional bar code scanner, making it ideal for multiple use cases
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity


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