Saturday, 31 January 2015

WhatsApp’s Latest Feature: Free Voice Calling Report

Users knows about voice calling feature in WhatsApp and eagerly waiting for it.  This feature will totally free for all WhatsApp users and also limited for only same platform. Just tap the “New Call” icon at top of your screen and calling will start.

After making no of users through text messages, WhatsApp is going to include voice calling feature that will be totally free for users. Can’s say will be free of cost in future, but users can enjoy till the status.

Reporting says, Most of the users get installed and already using this feature. A Reddit user posted some screenshots which indicates about this feature to be installed and get ready to use. Feature have all its compatibility which decides about which smartphone can use this free and enjoy free calling with other WhatsApp users.

Feature is fully working in the screenshot with standard calling interface, including disconnect button. As voice call have, this feature also have speaker, mute with message (WhatsApp contact’s messages) buttons that may sufficient to make a voice call.

User, running the aforementioned combination of WhatsApp app version, Android OS version, and device make will not be able to activate the voice calling feature until they receive a call from someone else with the feature already activated - hinting at a slow, almost invite-based rollout.

Voice calling feature can completely be used after an official announcement via WhatsApp, till then users have to wait to call. We will update shortly about the feature.


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