Sunday, 31 May 2015

Google working on touch screen jeans, call, message, features of chat

Google introduced new thing in I/O event which is organised in San Francisco. These technology gives better results to the google fans. Now, Google connect with fabric, It was connect with Tech only. Google will launch touch screen jeans with Levi's company.

Google working on touch screen jeans, call, message, features of chat

Google+ Levi's working on smart fabric wearable technology together. Google introduce the name of this project is "Jacquard".  Lots of questions raised by public because its a common fabric, what their uses and many more. But i giving you more information about this technology.
Google Team ATAP ( Advanced Technology And Project) working on this technology. Google team currently working on advanced technology like self driving car etc. According to above mentioned pic, they are working on conductive thread also convert it in conductive cloth. Team said something about jeans:
Conductive thread designed on fabric cloth, it will invisible for common eyes. Also we will prepare washable and stretchable  jeans to the tech fans. 
Google tell more thing about this cloth that normal cloth convert into touch pad by the touch sensors. After that cloth will use in any working material like bad sheet, T-shirt etc. They mean to say you can operate your technology in this way, you can do call, messaging, chatting etc.


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